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Find a Great Place for Your Next Hunt

At Millstream Preserve, our highly experienced and friendly guides put you into the action quickly. Our “Upland Game Hunts” are configured to your specifications, and can include Ring-necked pheasant, Bobwhite quail, Hungarian partridge, and Chukar partridge. We also offer deer, turkey, rabbit, coyote and goose hunts, in season. Millstream offers both packaged and custom-configured hunts for the discriminating sportsman. This variety and selection of strong and fast-flying game birds make for an exciting hunt.

Hunting Options for Our Dedicated Gunners

Hunt with us and have access to the best areas for goose hunting in Connecticut. Hunting is during the State season. You will need a hunting license, HIP permit, federal and state stamps. You will also need the same for hunting duck. You are welcome to bring your dog(s), or enjoy your hunt with one of our well-disciplined dogs at no additional charge. Hunting is done during Connecticut hunting season, with rabbit, deer, turkey, geese, duck and coyote hunting requiring the appropriate hunting license. A non-refundable advance deposit of $100 is required for each hunting date reserved. You may use a charge card or mail a check to pay for your deposit. Some options available for our “Upland Game Hunts” include the following:

Executive Hunt:

• Two Hour, Six Birds, One Gun
• Option: for One or Two additional Gunners and six additional birds per gunner.

Full Day Hunt

• This is an outstanding day afield on our beautiful preserve
• 30 Birds/Two to Five Guns

Popular Hunt:

• 12 Birds, Two Gun Hunt
• Option: add an additional Gunner (maximum of four) and six additiona birds per gunner.

Completely Custom Configured Hunt:

• Tell us what your vision for the perfect Upland Hunting Day is and we will make every attempt to accommodate you.

European Shoot:

• Eight to 12 Butts
• Millstream Preserve offers an exciting European experience with our exclusive, “Simulated Driven Shoot” that closely replicates a “Traditional English Driven Pheasant Shoot.”


Millstream Preserve offers several levels of membership for hunters looking to take part in our hunts. If you plan to be a frequent user of our facility, these can make a lot of sense both economically and scheduling convenience. Feel free to call for additional information on our memberships, prices, and more.

Full Membership:

• Includes: everything, with a 20% discount on all packages of hunting, as well as priority reservations.

Dog Training Membership:
• Occurs during our off season April 1st through September 14th We have a huge and diverse area to train your dog(s) Cost: $250 per season, with no initiation fee.

NRA Pistol Classes

Millstream Preserve also offers NRA Pistol Classes every month. Classes are taught by a certified instructor and meets the requirement for a Connecticut State Pistol Permit. Call us for details and times. Classes fill up quickly.